The Theory of Natural Seduction

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2011 by piedre

Theory of Natural Selective Seduction (NSS) or simply Natural Seduction (NS) is an explanation developed by the author to unlock the mysteries behind a common phenomenon youthful men and women come across in their lives.

It is not very uncommon that Young people find themselves pondering over the question, “How the bloody hell did that angel fall for that dummy ?? ” or ” What the…! Of all the girls in all the towns in all the world, he fell for that witch ? ” “damn…I am way better !! ” or ” Come on, surely you are Joking Ms… you can get more that !!”

The concept is simple but powerful: individuals are more likely to be impressed & attracted to fellow individuals who share a common environment. A consistent friction over a sufficiently extended period of time causes detrition even in the toughest of hides. As long as there is some constant interaction, there will be an inevitable selection/seduction of individuals resulting in the most outrageous combinations. If these perennial sessions are adequately aided by social circumstances & some extra helpings of luck, will lead to a progressive strengthening of concentration of emotions, and populations that thus evolve sufficiently, come out into the open eventually, claiming to be within a relationship surprising individuals of a different enviornment.

The author’s theory run parallel to Mr. Charles Darwin’s, Who in 1859, set out his revolutionary Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection as an explanation for adaptation and speciation. Well, this has got absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what is being discussed.

Nevertheless like Darwin, author’s ideas were inspired by the observations that he had made on a journey exploring the god forsaken spit of land called professional college, and by the work of an anonymous anthropologist, who in his An Essay on Comradeship, noted that camaraderie amongst species of the same gender increases linearly & soon attains a point of respectable saturation, whilst inter gender camaraderie grows exponentially into breakdown. Thus inevitable limitations often prevents such an operational existence.

Author thus concludes that as noted by ingenious men of our golden past, patience is key factor, & that slow and steady often wins the races worth winning in life.

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